Yves Beaumont

solo show

18.10.2015 - 22.11.2015

About exhibition

Yves Beaumont (Oostende, º1970) lives and works in Oostende.

Studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent .

‘Landscapes take a central place in his paintings. He knows and admires the great masters, but has gradually developed his own pictorial language, which, in essence, is “to translate”. Beaumont does not just translate the real picture of a landscape, as he sees it, to some proper aesthetical interpretation, but uses what he calls a “pictorial logic”: a logic that feels the character of the canvas surface and of the skin of paint, touches and kneads the paint and offers the subject to the viewer in an entirely new form. Thus the painting (or drawing) becomes detached from the actual subject, and therefore independent. Actually Beaumont does what is essential to the art of painting, as opposed to most other forms of visual art: by applying paint and pigment to the canvas he is creating, with hand and spirit, a completely new image. Typical for his work is that he uses figuration one time and abstraction another – after all, working with a new image is always working with artistic freedom. And for Yves Beaumont this freedom is very specific: he looks for innovation in the pictorial language, while respecting the “old” art of painting.’

Marc Ruyters


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