Klaus Verscheure 'Faces'

Window D, Rivoli, Chaussée de Waterloo 690, Bruxelles

26.05 - 9.06.2018

About exhibition

The Rivoli building is located uptown Brussels at the heart of the major contemporary art district of the city (area Abbaye, Saint-Georges, De Praetere). Galerie Rivoli is on its way to become Brussels' most important center for contemporary art with a number of contemporary art galleries joining forces and organizing joint events.

From June on Light Cube will be occupying Window D at Rivoli, where she will be showcasing her artists.

We are starting with ‘Faces’ of Klaus Verscheure (26.05 – 9.06.2018), following by works of Geert Koekoeckx (10.06 – 14.07.2018).

Join us for the opening on Saturday May, 26, 3 – 7pm at Galerie Rivoli, Chaussée de Waterloo 690, 1180 Brussels.


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