Rob Buelens

17.11 - 21.12.2018

About exhibition

In his work, Rob Buelens reflects on human nature. His wondrous, refined scale models and sculptures explore typical human desires, fixations, and group dynamics. His work has a strong connection with the paintings of Flemish and Dutch masters like Jeroen Bosch and Bruegel, but is also affiliated with classic literary works such as ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and ‘Utopia’. In these classical oeuvres, metaphors and persiflage are employed to reflect critically on the maker’s contemporary society.

The title of this exhibition is based on the book ‘A Farewell to Arms’ by Ernest Hemingway, an remarkable depiction of war. And the link between the exhibition of Rob Buelens and Hemingway's story goes beyond an allusion to the title. 100 years ago the first world war ended. 1914-1918 is a period marked by turmoil and death: soldiers were massively consumed by the militant system, but civilians and cities did not escape the flames of war either. Tentatively, Buelens tries to depict the engines of struggle in his work. Not as an attempt to rationalize / understand it but to create room for contemplation.

Rob Buelens (°Londerzeel, 1989)obtained a bachelor in Sculpture at the Sint Lucas in Antwerp, after which he completed the higher study of the liberal arts at Sint-Lucas Gent. Despite his young age, Buelens' work has been shown in various exhibitions, both in Belgium and abroad.


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