Koen Broucke

solo show

04.09.2016 - 09.10.2016

About exhibition

Koen Broucke has been a fellow at the Glasgow School of Art since July 2015.
This has been the base for his numerous breathtaking Scottish battlefields walks. Especially Scapa Flow has gotten him under its spell. Scapa Flow is the main anchorage of the Royal Navy during the World Wars and is a wonderful place with an astonishing variety of landscapes and seascapes. The walks are the search for peace and essence. Often he gives a moment’s thought to a peculiar or symbolic detail: a pair of walking shoes, a flower on a windowsill, a dead rabbit, light reflected in a light bulb ...

The images of the captivating story of his journeys will be on display at Light Cube Art Gallery from September 4th.

Artist info


“With each project, Broucke, 51, mashes together rigorous academic research and an almost metaphysical concentration on historical places and artefacts. But, unlike most other contemporary artists, he doesn’t seek the shock of the new but the reverberations of the past.” Flanders Today


H'Art Magazine nr 160 'Vele dagen Scotland'

De Morgen, september 2016, 'Wonen in boeken'