Klaus Verscheure & Henk Delabie

duo exhibition

15.04 - 03.06.2018

About exhibition

Klaus Verscheure (°1968, lives and works in Pottes) is painter andfilm maker. Since 1995 Klaus Verscheure has been working as a freelance film director, mostly of fiction series. Over the past years he has made several video installations for museums, including the acclaimed In Flanders Fields Museum for which the British band ’tindersticks’ composed the soundtrack. Since 2007 they made several soundtracks for Klaus’ installations as well as did Tom McRae (UK). Filmmaking is part of his art, but painting remained as big a passion. Since 2009 he has been actively and successfully exhibiting in Belgium and abroad. His painting and video installations are part of numerous public (Broelmuseum in Kortrijk, C-Mine and the City of Genk, The British Council, Eigen Woonst Menen, ...) and private collections.

Henk Delabie (°1966, lives and works in Geluwe) is sculptor and teacher. The sculptures by Henk Delabie are perfectly realized in cool, reflective materials or bright, monochrome surfaces. They are the result of the patient build-up through a labor-intensive process aimed on unity in being. The sculptures make use of the space by enclosing it or relating to it. The space as a place in which people move. Henk participated in numerous exhibitions and projects at home and abroad, his work is included in many public (Neon-Sculpture, Water Tower ‘t Hoge, Kortrijk, ‘Part bleu-red I’,’t Veer, Menen, ‘Part red II’, Minne Huis, Kruiseke) and private collections.