Geert Koekoeckx

solo show with new works

17.06 - 26.08.2018

About exhibition

The first solo show of the young Belgian artist at Light Cube Art Gallery, featuring the new work of the artist.

Geert Koekoeckx’ paintings resemble collage-like theatre pieces – with a baroque twist - in which the painter, as the director, plays with the pictorial possibilities.

He places odd objects on shaky, stacked pedestals and lets fluffy animals to jump through hoops on multicolored stages. Often the depicted animals are deformed or have amputated limbs. Although they behold their cuteness and the picture never gets really grim. These contradictions form an important part of Koekoeckx' work. Scale differences are kaleidoscopically intertwined and accurate details alternate with blurry zones, with the reality unfolding as a spectacular backdrop as result.


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