Colin Waeghe

solo show

18.10.2015 - 22.11.2015

About exhibition

Colin Waeghe (1980) lives and works in Brussels, Belgium and Leipzig, Germany.

He studied at the Sint-Lukas University (experimental atelier) in Brussels, at PoPok (set design) at the Singel in Antwerp and also at the Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Gent, Belgium.

The work of Waeghe is characterized by a mix of autobiographical elements, and images taken from popular media. Through the medium of painting and drawing, he tries to depict the changing realities. He studies the concepts of time, distance and what it means to be a stranger in a nomadic global society. His new series ‘Crystal Palace’ is a summary of his visits to China and the French Rivièra. ‘Crystal Palace’ refers to the burnt down English pavilion of the World Fair in 1851 , and to crystal meth, the poor man’s cocaine.


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