Brussels: Stéphanie Leblon


17.03 - 04.05.2019

About exhibition

Nathalia Tsala is pleased to present the solo exhibition ‘Afterparty’ of Belgian artist Stéphanie Leblon at the gallery’s Brussels location.

In the fourth solo exhibition at the gallery, Stéphanie Leblon continues her research into movement. In her new works the artist explores the experience of time not as chronological, but subjective element with its own stratification. In the new works of Leblon the human figure has disappeared. The layering built up with floral motifs and subtle traces of party remnants (serpentine and used napkins), create a quirky depth. Sublime color combinations, well-thought-out compositions, contrast between layering of the image and quick brushstrokes testify how skillfully Leblon masters the medium.

Stephanie Leblon (°1970, lives and works in Ghent) studied painting at St-Lucas, Ghent. In 1995 she obtained her Master's Degree in Painting. After that she acquired a postgraduate degree at HISK. Her work is represented in collections of the Province of East Flanders, the Province of West Flanders, Océ Netherlands and in private collections at home and abroad.

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