Brussels: Vika Begalska & Alexander Vilkin (RU) / Peggy Wauters

'splendor and sensibility'

13.01 - 02.03.2019

About exhibition

Nathalia Tsala Gallery is pleased to present the double exhibition of the Russian artistic duo Vika Begalska & Alexandr Vilkin and Belgian artist Peggy Wauters at her Brussels location.

The theme for the exhibition, as the title suggests, was inspired by the highly ornate and extravagantlanguage, full of Baroque and Renaissance references, in the paintings of Begalska/Vilkin and ceramic sculptures from the ‘Relique’ series of Peggy Wauters.

Vika Begalska and Alexandr Vilkin have formed an artistic duo six years ago.

The Moscow-based Vika Begalska (°1975) was born in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. After graduating from the prestigious State Academy for Design and Art in Kharkov she has continued her artistic career in Kharkov in the circle of artists working with photography, such as Boris Mihaylov and Sergei Bratkov. In 2001 she moved to Moscow, and has been associated with the Russian art scene since. Vika Begalska became well-known to the public by her provocative video works which are referred to the performance tradition of the 70s and 80s and which the artist interpreted in her own way in the post-soviet atmosphere of the 2000s. Her group and individual expositions took place at the sites of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Latvian National Museum of Art, the Kunsthalle Wien, the Lyublyana Museum of Contemporary Art, the Central House of Artists and others.

Alexandr Vilkin (°1982) was born in Snezhinsk, Russia. After graduating from Chelyabinsk Art College he continued his studies at Northwestern Institute of Printing Arts, St. Petersburg and at ‘Base’ Institute, Moscow. Since 2005 has been living and working in St-Petersburg, RU. In 2014 he founded a creative art group of artists and sex-workers ‘Teresa’ in cooperation with Vika Begalska and has been cooperating with Vika Begalska since, experimenting with different media, but mostly in the technique of painting. The video “Aphrodite’s Girdle” by the art group ‘Teresa’ has been included in the collection of MUKHA after the debut in Ostend in 2016.

in 2020 Begalska & Vilkin will be presenting a solo exhibition in Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA).

Peggy Wauters (°1968, Aalst) is a multidisciplinary Belgian artist who works across a variety of media, including sculptures, paintings, photo collages, installations and works on paper, often mixed in a way that provides a fresh view of her subject matter. Wauters has studied Plastic Arts (the RITO Aalst), Decorative Arts and Crafts (at the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts in Aalst) and Monumental Arts (at the Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp). Her work is exhibited globally, and is included in multiple Belgian en foreign collections.