Yves Beaumont

new paintings and works on paper

10.09 – 08.10.2017

About exhibition

The third solo show of the Belgian contemporary landscape artist Yves Beaumont in Light Cube. This time we show the new acrylic on canvas paintings and works on paper.

‘When talking about his work, Yves Beaumont frequently refers to famous historic painters like Caspar David Friedrich and the artists of the Hudson River School, all people who were possessed by both landscapes and painting. Beaumont shares this obsession and is able to channel and express it. He is an adept at stripping away the superfluous. There is nothing anecdotal in his work, nothing that distracts you from the essence of the landscape. He is fascinated ‘by the power that lies in the absence of things, by emptiness’. Through this fascination he produces intriguing paintings that possess a certain timelessness, paintings that invite you to get lost in them, to endlessly explore them, modest in size though they may be.’

Daan Rau

Artist info