Aap, Zwaan, Maan

09.04.2017 - 14.05.2017

About exhibition

Joncquil (Zeist, NL, 1973) lives and works in The Hague. Studied monumental painting at the Academy St Joost, Breda.

Joncquil is a versatile artist. Many will know him from his paintings in which he playfully refers to history, myths, fairy tales, icons, clichés and ethics of our times. By combining and twisting meanings he creates a world where multiple interpretations are still possible. In each exhibition the individual works reveal, in a non chronological way, new elements within a continuous narrative. This narrative is not only captured in paintings but is also reflected in other media such as photography, installation, film, sculptures and assemblages. In his exhibitions the artist uses this expanding narrative to constantly question his own role, as a human being, an artist and the (art) world in which he operates.

Joncquil’s works are included in numerous private and corporate collections and in museums such as the Teylers Museum Haarlem and Museum Voorlinden Wassenaar.

In his first Belgian solo show at Light Cube Gallery Joncquil leads us back to the origins of the cosmos and its existing theories. The protagonists who, in this case, emerge from the monochrome paint are amongst others a monkey, a swan, a moon. Joncquil shows us stand-alone images, which in their context are a possible inspiration to a genesis. The images depict scenery prior to the moment when the human stories and symbolism where based upon them. The thereby created atmosphere is dark and deep, but at the same time light and playful. Joncquil seamlessly melds the earthly and the spiritual, creating emotive and highly individual paintings that linger in the mind.

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