Féline Minne

Solo show with new and recent works

21.05 - 18.06.2017

About exhibition

Féline Minne, born in Ghent, Belgium, lives and works in London, UK.

She studied at the Kask, Belgium and Kunstakademie Münster, Germany. Currently she’s fully engaged in her Master in Painting degree at the prestigious Royal College of Art, London. The artist / writer builds her work mainly around characters she created in her early youth. It is a fictive world she modeled a long time ago, back when she was looking for a way to cope with the rather peculiar reality she was living in as a child. But during her early artistic education, she felt that her teachers pushed her to leave her self-created imagery in favour of a, what they called, more serious genre. In the artist’s words, ‘I had to kill my darlings’. Today, many years later, Féline is trying to re-create those characters she loved so much. ‘I’m bringing my darlings back to life.’ Her dreamlike canvasses are an expression of her stories and emotions, brought through symbolism, craftsmanship and humor.

In her opinion, art is about transformation and escaping into self-made worlds and inviting people in.


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