Diederik Boyen

Collector's Choice

10.12 – 21.01.2018

About exhibition

‘Kip Of Het Ei'

solo show with new and recent work

In the series ‘Collector’s choice’ Light Cube invites a collector to introduce an artist with a promising carrier in the making.

This December an enthusiastic collector Paul Declercq (CEO of the fashion brand Zilton) will give introduction to Diederik Boyen, a Belgian visual artist, who partly lives and works in Portugal and who’s work he has been following for a couple of years.

Diederik Boyen (° 1968 Mechelen (Belgium)) studied sculpture at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, and makes objects and installations, but came into the public eye with his paintings.

‘Based upon exceptional technical talent he paints his portraits and subjects with almost photographic precision. The beauty is breathtaking and thus the confrontation overwhelming.’

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