So, tell me your story...

08.05.2016 - 05.06.2016

Rob Buelens, Lieven Decabooter, Tjibbe Hooghiemstra, JONCQUIL,
Rene Korten, Vadim Vosters & Peggy Wauters

About exhibition

The Art of Storytelling

Narration and storytelling have played an important role in contemporary art for quite some time. Whether historically, politically or personally based, narrative trends in contemporary art differ from straightforward and realistic to mystic and fairytale-like.

“So, tell me your story…” features works by seven artists from Belgium and The Netherlands with an unique ability to convey narratives through visual art. The installations, sculptures, paintings and drawings presented in the exhibition are narratives that are sometimes complex, philosophical and rich with metaphor and symbolism. Some of the narratives evolve from personal experience while others are more theoretical, but all the works tell stories that are as personal as they are universal. We invite you to read between the lines of these works and discover the visual storytelling at its best.