Mathieu Roquigny (FR)

Artist biography

Mathieux Roquigny (°1982) is French photographer and visual artist who lives and works in Paris. Graduated with distinction from the institute Saint Luc in Tournai (Belgium), section photography and animated images (2002-2005).

Mathieu Roquigny lets coincidence, humor and the everyday interact with each other. The game, the diversion of objects, but especially the instinct of a collector are constants of his work that is built through the ordinary.

The use of a minimal formal vocabulary and modest materials give his works an apparent simplicity which only reinforces their formidable effectiveness.

Mathieu penetrates a performative field where everything around it can be subjected to a second reading, to an entirely different interpretation, Intensely deeper and more essential.

This impression of creating while passing time, stopping on fragments of the ephemeral and banal, while revealing their vital power, reveals an insatiable sensation of fragility and strangely, of attraction and joyful beauty.

It is this polysemy which gives all its richness and originality to the work of Mathieu Roquigny.

Available works

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