Agnes Nagygyörgy

Artist biography

(°1966, Budapest)

Agnes (°1966 Budapest, Hungary) did her University studies at the Attila Jozsef University in Hungary (1985-1990, Master of Arts) and in the US at the University of Oregon (1990-1994, Master of Fine Arts), where she received the Jan Zach Prize for sculpture in 1994. Since 1994 she has been living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. She had taught sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Aarschot for 10 years. Since 2013 she teaches at the Art Academy of Turnhout. The work of Agnes Nagygyörgy was exhibited in Belgium, Hungary, Italy, US, Pakistan and The Netherlands. Building further on the arte povera principles she works in a variety of materials, from concrete to bird feathers, wax, metal, wood, photography and film. Since 2012 she lays the focus on the intermingling and combination of 3 different art domains -sculpture, photography and drawing. She started by drawing on the photos she had taken of construction sites in the city. The photos began to grow beyond their edges and gained a sculptural quality. The next step was adding 3D elements to the plain surface of the photograph. This led to the idea of taking (transparent) photographic fragments and incorporate them in a 3D sculptural construction. The first of these new sculptures were architectural and rather industrial. Gradually the element of Nature entered: next to the straight lines of welded iron a more uncontroled, playful and organic line and volume appeared often painted in vivid colors..

Available works